USB charger with LED light

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Item number: 338
Product information: "USB charger with LED light"
Charger and LED light in one:
Use this decorative charger to charge up to 2 USB
devices at the same time. With on-off switch for the light.
Output: 5V DC 500mA, altogether max. 2.1A
Material: ABS + fireproof material
Packaging: individually boxed
Dimensions: 55 x 75 x 62 mm
Weight: 53 g

on the top, 20 x 10 mm (D2)

100% climate neutral
Colour: White
Materials: ABS
Article length (in mm): 62
Article width (in mm): 78
Article height (in mm): 1
Single packaging length (in mm): 80
Single packaging Width (in mm): 62
Single Packaging Height (in mm): 56
Items per Package: 100
Weight per Article (in g): 56
Single article weight with packaging (in g): 72
Single article shipping weight (in g): 80
Shipping package length (in mm): 350
Shipping package width (in mm): 310
Shipping package height (in mm): 365
Shipping package weight (in g): 8000
SKU: N-m 338
Customs tariff number: 85044082900
Dimensions (in mm): Ø 62,30 x 78
manufatured in: China
Wallcharger: ja
Number of outputs: 2
Number of Inputs: 1
Light bulbs: LED